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Frequently Asked Questions
What is Web Designing and Development?

Web designing and development is the combined process of designing the framework of the website from scratch and assessing it on industry parameters. The parameters are set on standards like website rankings, SEO performance, conversion rate, bounce rate, and more.

What is the standard cost of an informative website?

An informative website of 7 pages costs only US$ 300. All the pages are designed and developed from scratch. This type of website is highly recommended for small businesses who want to showcase their products or services.

How to start working with us on any project?

The process is simple, you shared the requirement with us or any refrence webstite with us through email, whatsapp or skype, Our executive will send you the work-scope and the quotation of the project. On acceptance of the proposal, we will initaite the work.

What are the Payment Terms and Options?

To initiate the project we allocate man hours onto it and for the same we ask for 50% of the payment as an advance and 50% of the payment after completion of the project. For all of our international clients, we accept payments through PayPal; which is considered as one of the most secured payment transfer all around the globe.

Are you providing customer support?

Yes. We are a client-centric web design and development firm that prioritizes its clients. Ours is a 24×7 available customer support department that leaves no stone unturned in rendering optimal assistance to all your queries.

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